Slow Bullet Proofs Have Arrived

Proof copies of Slow Bullet by John L. Lansdale have arrived

Scheduled for a July 4, 2017 hardcover release, the latest page-turner from John L. Lansdale has arrived in proof form.
One step closer to publication time!

Hardcover edition of Slow Bullet will be released Tuesday, July 4.
Digital editions of Slow Bullet are currently available everywhere eBooks are sold.


CIA cover-ups. Crooked Washington operatives. International intrigue.
All in a day’s work for retired veteran Clark McKay.

The former Army Special Forces Colonel is haunted by the loss of his wife and son, and nightmares of his time in Vietnam have been keeping him up at night. To top it off, the mirror on the wall keeps reminding him he’s not getting any younger.
After hearing terrible news about the murder of his close friend and former Captain, he is determined to rise above his own problems and find the killer.
His search for truth takes McKay across the globe, where he crosses paths with a multitude of unforgettable characters. From his kind-hearted godson and friend’s spitfire daughter, to a stubborn D.C. detective and a friendly Brazilian prostitute – both good and bad now sit squarely in the crosshairs.
Along the way, it becomes increasingly clear to McKay that his friend was murdered for uncovering the truth behind one of the nation’s most notorious conspiracies – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
After wallowing in a murky ocean of corruption, McKay is brought to the conclusion he may have to resort to murder if justice is to be truly served.
Truth and fiction make an interesting mixture in this fast-paced and entertaining novel.
There are always those who escape justice, and one hand will always wash the other.
Unless you have someone like Clark McKay willing to pay the ultimate price.