Slow Bullet Hardcover Release

Slow Bullet Hardcover Edition Now Available

The latest John L. Lansdale novel is now in stores!

In this timely page-turner, retired Army veteran Clark McKay is haunted by the loss of his wife and son, and nightmares of his time in Vietnam are keeping him up at night. And the mirror keeps reminding him he’s not getting any younger.
After hearing the terrible news that his best friend has just been murdered, he is determined to rise above his own problems and find justice for his late friend.
His search takes him all over the world. On his journey, after wading through corruption on top of corruption, McKay is left wondering whether he will have to resort to murder if justice is to be truly served.
Truth and fiction make an interesting mixture in this fast-paced and entertaining novel.
There are always those who escape justice. One hand washes the other, unless you have someone like Clark McKay who is willing to pay the ultimate price.