Horse of a Different Color Hardcover Now Available

Horse of a Different Color by John L. Lansdale

Hardcover now available

Horse of a Different Color by John L. Lansdale

The second John L. Lansdale book to be published by BookVoice Publishing is now available in a hardcover format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and direct from the publisher.
Horse of a Different Color tells the story of Dallas PD Detective Thomas Mecana and his partner Darcie Connors on the hunt for a serial killer terrorizing the Lone Star State.

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Hardcover bundle of Slow Bullet and Horse of a Different Color by John L. Lansdale

Digital versions also available

About Horse of a Different Color
Someone is murdering and mutilating young women in a Dallas suburb, using the same techniques as a case down in Houston the previous year.
When the second body is found, it seems the killer has moved his hunting grounds to the Dallas area.
As the body count rises, Detective Thomas Mecana – a divorced fifteen-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department – is assigned to the case.
He prides himself on always getting his man, but his tried-and-true methods of the past are not working.
To make matters worse, his supervisor assigns him a new partner, a young officer who has never before worked a murder case.
Add in two teenage daughters creating problems at home, and a boss threatening to fire him at work, and Mecana’s life begins to unravel as he hones in on his suspect.
With hard work, and some luck, Mecana and his partner discover a most-unusual serial killer case with murder in its very genes.
They discover some evidence is so strange and unbelievable, it might be best left alone.

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