"Boy and Hog" - horror short from John L. Lansdale first BookVoice Pocket Story

BookVoice Publishing to Release Line of Short Stories
Horror tale from John L. Lansdale first BookVoice Pocket Story

A quick read with quicker scares

BookVoice Publishing has released its first short story, "Boy and Hog" from comics and fiction author John L. Lansdale.
This horror-filled tale is also the inaugural story in a newly-announced line of titles: The BookVoice Pocket Story.
Each Pocket Story will house a single new short story, from a variety of authors in genres ranging from Westerns, mystery, horror, action-adventure and everything in between.
The digital eBooks will be exclusive to Amazon - and their Kindle Unlimited program - for three months, before joining other popular distribution sites. Pocket Story eBooks will be priced at $1.99 (unless otherwise noted).
Paperback editions of each title are also likely to be released.

Keep an eye on www.bookvoicepublishing.com for news about upcoming Pocket Story releases.

About "Boy and Hog"
A horror short story by John L. Lansdale

In the deep woods, anything can happen.
A group of white-collar workers with a hand-drawn map trek into the wilderness for a hunting expedition.
But out here, will they be the hunters or the prey?
In the middle of nowhere, past towns, roads and civilization in general, sits a solitary cabin.
Max and Mama have lived there for years, hiding from the authorities while raising their son, Boy and his pet, Hog.
Life may not always be perfect, but at least they’re alone.
Or so they thought.
After the hunting party finds themselves stranded in the foreboding forest, they set out for help. But they soon find more than they expected.
In fact, they may even find they’ve become the hunted party.

John L. Lansdale
East Texas author John L. Lansdale is a retired Army Reserve Psychological Operations Officer and combat veteran with numerous medals and awards. He has worked as a comic book writer for Tales from the Crypt, IDW, Grave Tales, Cemetery Dance and several more. He co-authored the Shadows West and Hell's Bounty novels with his brother Joe R. Lansdale. He is also the author of Horse of a Different Color, Slow Bullet, Zombie Gold and several more titles.