ZOMBIE GOLD by John L. Lansdale



Lansdale’s action-packed historical zombie adventure returns to print from BookVoice Publishing

It’s baaaack! John L. Lansdale’s 2016 action-adventure novel returns to stores with an all-new edition from BookVoice Publishing — just in time for Halloween!
In ZOMBIE GOLD, two strangers become brothers in their fight for survival after they are swept away by an unimaginable zombie force into a time and place they could have never anticipated or believed. Their struggle becomes a mission not only to return home from the past, but to right the wrongs they see.

Available now in eBook and Paperback editions from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other great retailers.

Joan Hallmark (TV personality and author) had this to say after reading the novel: "Zombie Gold has something for everyone. Man eating zombies, a fortune in gold, Western lore, and the biggest battle in our nation's history, is all part of Chris and Will's journey into the past. The young men even meet some of their ancestors along the way, while dodging both Confederate and Union bullets. John L. Lansdale has stirred up a surprisingly hearty cowboy stew in Zombie Gold. It's ours for the tasting and it's a very satisfying meal. It's exciting, entertaining and educational. A fun ride."

This latest edition features new front cover art from renowned German artist Dirk Berger. The back cover art is bonus previously-unused art from the author's personal collection.


“Teens will love watching Chris and Will make their way through time, struggling to survive in the 1860s and battling the zombies that have shambled on into the twenty-first century.” - Booklist Online

“True to Lansdale tradition, John L. Lansdale has compiled a piece of work that should appeal to a wide range of readers.” - Amazing Stories

"This is an entertaining, science fiction-historical-horror blend with resourceful protagonists and a solid cast of secondary characters." - Booklist

“Has something for everyone. It’s exciting, entertaining and educational. A fun ride.” - Joan Hallmark


John L. Lansdale was born and raised in East Texas. He is married to the love of his life Mary. They have four children. He is a retired Army reserve Psychological Operations Officer and a combat veteran with numerous medals and awards. Past roles include inventor, country music songwriter and performer, and television programmer. He produced and directed the Television Special Ladies of Country Music. He has also produced several albums in Nashville, hosted his own radio shows and won awards for producing and writing radio and television commercials. He was a writer and editor of a business newspaper. He has worked as a comic book writer for Tales from the Crypt, IDW, Grave Tales, Cemetery Dance and several more. He co-authored the Shadows West and Hell's Bounty novels with his brother Joe R. Lansdale. He is also the author of Beyond Imagination, Slow Bullet, Zombie Gold, Horse of a Different Color, When the Night Bird Sings, Twisted Justice, The Box, Broken Moon, Long Walk Home, The Last Good Day and several other titles.