Lansdale Returns to Western Roots with THE LAST GOOD DAY

East Texas author John L. Lansdale (Tales from the Crypt, Hell’s Bounty) returns to the Western genre with THE LAST GOOD DAY, an original novel set during the immediate aftermath of the American Civil War.

As the Civil War draws to a close, Major Rance Allison is wounded in one of its last battles. He later awakens in an enemy field hospital only to find out he is now on the same side as those he was fighting. The war is over. Missing a limb, his home and his family, Rance sets out to find a new life for himself. Along the way, he encounters a Native American Union soldier on a similar journey, and a young orphan boy. The three riders set off without a purpose, but soon find they will have to make a choice about whether some wrongs can ever be put right.

“After the Civil War ended a good day was possible for everyone,” author John L. Lansdale said. “American spirit rose up to bring back the United States and take it to a better place with courage and understanding to do the right thing.”

The Last Good Day is available in eBook and Hardcover formats. Available at Ingram, Amazon and other major retailers.

Packed with action, adventure and a journey through the American South, The Last Good Day chronicles a turbulent time of change amongst a backdrop of hope, courage and a chance for justice. 

Digital review copies available upon request, please email for more info.

John L. Lansdale has released ten novels and novellas with BookVoice Publishing — from the action-packed Slow Bullet, which Publishers Weekly compared favorably to the works of Mickey Spillane; to the four-book Mecana detective series, which follows a private eye on the hunt for serial killers in the Lone Star State; and most recently, Beyond Imagination, a collection of original short stories (and a few fan favorites) spanning different genres. He has also co-authored two books with his brother Joe R. Lansdale, Shadows West and Hell’s Bounty.