Fall 2021 New Releases


FALL 2021

HELL'S BOUNTY, THE MAGIC WAGON, Audiobooks and more!

A cornucopia of titles from BookVoice Publishing are now available in multiple formats.


Saddle up for another Weird Western ride from acclaimed authors John L. Lansdale (Zombie Gold, Tales from the Crypt) and Joe R. Lansdale (The Magic Wagon, Bubba Ho-Tep).
A short fuse sends dynamite-loving bounty hunter Smith straight to Hell. Just when he thought his career was over, the Devil offers Smith one last job he can’t refuse: return to Earth with a posse from Hell and stop the big, bad demon-possessed Quill from unleashing a horde of world-devouring Old Ones.
After falling out-of-print, HELL'S BOUNTY is back in paperback format! Grab yours now, or check out the eBook version. Available at all online retailers.
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First published as part of the BookVoice Pocket Stories series, this short story from John L. Lansdale (The Last Good Day, Slow Bullet) is now the first Audiobook available from BookVoice Publishing! EMERGENCY CHRISTMAS tells the tale of the Albright family at Christmastime, and the guest who surprises them just in time for the holiday. Along the way, the Albrights discover sometimes crisis brings a family closer together. Now available at all online retailers in digital, paperback chapbook, and audio formats.

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Already renowned for his work in horror and "splatterpunk," Joe R. Lansdale (the Hap and Leonard series, Cold in July) helped cement the Weird Western genre as we know it with THE MAGIC WAGON and several other titles beginning in the 1980s and continuing more than 30 years later to this day.
First published in 1986, THE MAGIC WAGON tells the tall tales of narrator Buster Fogg and the group of traveling merchant marauders he takes up with after his family is killed by a tornado. Their adventures take them through dank caves, across the countryside, and into Mud Creek - an East Texas town that would have made Deadwood look like the Land of Oz.
If you missed the special limited edition hardcover (a few are still available over at our store) don't miss this exclusive paperback from BookVoice Publishing. Included in this paperback edition are sketches drawn by renowned Texas artist Charlie Bullock. Available at all online retailers in digital and paperback edition and through the BookVoice store.

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This horror novella from John L. Lansdale (Shadows West, The Mecana Series) follows young antiques dealer Megan Fields and her fight against evil. Megan is young, smart and beautiful. Everything the devil seeks in his personal possessions. After a gift from a client starts to turn her world upside-down, Megan seeks help from her best friend Carol and a local college professor. Together, the three find that even a seemingly-innocent piece of jewelry can harbor sinister secrets. In a fight to free herself from this new bondage, Megan faces off against an evil coterie looking to sacrifice her soul to the devil. Will she escape their clutches of darkness and find safety in the light?
Now available at all online retailers in digital, paperback and hardcover formats.

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Collected together, for the very first time, all four books from the Detective Thomas Mecana series by John L. Lansdale (Zombie Gold, The Last Good Day). Available in paperback and digital formats.
"...the author's innate ability to spin a complex tale painted with vivid characters and intense suspense provides readers with a well-paced book that they may find difficult to set down...a worthwhile suspenseful ride." - Amazing Stories review of HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR.

Includes the following stories:


Dallas PD Detective Thomas Mecana is on the hunt for a serial killer terrorizing the Lone Star State. Joining him is Darcie Connors, a young officer working her first murder case. With hard work, and some luck, Mecana and his partner discover a most-unusual serial killer case with murder in its very genes.


Detectives Thomas Mecana and Darcie Connors are on the trail of a new suspect. With an ever-growing suspect list, Mecana must toe the line between friend and foe. Each action leaves them sitting in the crosshairs of danger. One wrong move could mean the end.


Dallas PD Homicide Detective Sunday Verves is looking into the suspicious deaths of local drug runners when she discovers a potential suspect that hits too close to home. When the trail leads her south of the border, she enlists Detective Thomas Mecana and some old friends to track down the suspects.

THE BOX - Book #4

Detective Thomas Mecana discovers a new killer has stolen old evidence from a case thought long-closed. When the bodies begin to pile up, Mecana knows he must take action. Together with a little help from his friends, they just might be able to stop a murderer before it is too late.

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