An All-New Western Novel from the East Texas Author
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She learned to ride from her mother. She learned to shoot from her father.

Billie Jo Dobbs was born to a Cheyenne mother and a US Marshal father. After an attack claiming her mother’s life, she moves to Kansas with her father to start over. Years later in 1876, her father is ambushed at their homestead. With his dying breath he warns Billie Jo, saving her life.
Billie Jo flees to Rainbow Peak, Kansas on her Indian pony Bittersweet, looking for a few friendly faces. She convinces Judge Fuller Newton and his hired hand Digger to join up and ride with her to the Cheyenne territory in Montana to find her former tribe.
Along the way, facing trials and tribulations, Billie Jo discovers her Cheyenne family may be different than she remembered.

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John L. Lansdale was born and raised in east Texas. He is married to the love of his life Mary. They have four children. He is a retired Army reserve psychological operations officer and a combat veteran that served three tours in Vietnam with numerous medals and awards. He is a graduate of a Texas police academy and a state certified peace officer. He is an inventor, country music songwriter, performer and television programmer. He produced the television special “Ladies of Country Music” and several other programs. He goes back to the Sun Record days and was introduced to Elvis Presley by Mary on their first date when Elvis was a seventeen-year-old student at Humes High School in Memphis and a ticket-taker at Loew’s State Theater.
John has produced a variety of albums and music videos for country artists in Nashville along with songs for movies, with one as recently as 2018 titled “Tremble” for an upcoming film. He has hosted his own radio shows and won awards for radio and television commercials. He was a writer and editor for a business newspaper. He has worked as a comic book writer for Tales from the Crypt, IDW, Grave Tales, Cemetery Dance and many more. He co-authored Shadows West and Hell’s Bounty with his brother Joe. He is the author of Slow Bullet, the four-part Mecana detective series, Long Walk Home, Zombie Gold and several others.
John’s novel Slow Bullet was reviewed by Publishers Weekly as a must read page-turner with constant action and compared his work to that of popular 1950s author Mickey Spillane. The novel Long Walk Home was a finalist in the fiction category for the National Indie Excellence Awards. The novel Zombie Gold received great reviews including a Booklist review that praised it as a superb story with characters that came alive. Kissing the Devil received praise as a pulp novella. All titles are still in print with new ones on the way.
John was recently inducted into the Gladewater Museum. His motto is: Never Give Up.